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We are Abuzgeia Center for Commercial Diving Operations, offering ship and port services throughout Libya.

1- Abuzgeia Commercial Diving Center has been established since 2015 in libya licensed and licensed to enter all ports in Libya and accredited by the Department of Safety and Protection of the Marine Environment.

2- Founder: - (Adel Abuzgeia) Mr. Adel Abuzgeia has been an expert since 2004 in the field of commercial diving, obtaining the certificate of a judicial expert who has been certified and certified as an experiencein completing business with several international companies:

3- We are the only center in Libya that has the technology to clean the hulls of ships and PROPEIIER POLISHING from 8 am to 2 pm in favorable climatic conditions including modern equipment and our distinguished team offers the best service with excellent cost .

4- Quality: Monitoring procedures / All stages of diving operations are carried out within strict safety standards and all equipment is checked to ensure high performance, our services are recognized and operate within international standards .


The level is committed to a high level of services and in accordance with quality standards.


honesty, transparency, reliability, respect, security and innovation


To be the best service center for commercial diving operations in Libya specialized in hull cleaning and PROPEIIER POLISHING, welding and underwater cutting and examining and changing the cathodic protection of all marine facilities and other works.


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